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Mar 1st, 2013

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Pin Show 2013

The Pin Show is a Fashion in Dallas…At least that’s what I thought it was upon looking at the info online. Once I got there I realized this was more than a fashion show. Yes it had fashion, flare, and fun but it had that “je ne sais quoi”. Something that I had only seen in […]

Jun 15th, 2012

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The Painted Dolls

  Man!!! What can I say about this shoot? This started about 2 years ago when I was perusing FACEBOOK and came across this woman who was very striking. She piqued my interest and come to find out her name was PRESLEY. I contacted her and her and she informed me that she wasn’t alone. […]

Apr 22nd, 2012

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I Love Oklahoma

While growing up, I used to see t-shirts, jackets, hats, wind breakers, sweaters, etc., that said LA, Chi-town, Detroit, NYC, Dallas and other places that people were representing. Even here in Oklahoma I saw people wearing other cities gear and sporting it like they were from there or something.  I was born and raised in […]

Jan 14th, 2012

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Something Like a Criminal

I saw Presley and couldn’t believe my eyes. A woman like her exists in Oklahoma?! A free spirited young lady wielding tattoos and short blonde hair. Armed with words and  that range from “Oy” showing her dismay or exasperation to “What-it-do Boo?” (Self explanatory). I found her to be very capable of expressing herself through facial […]

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