Boys Project with Courtney Knight

Sep 18th, 2018

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Boys Project with Courtney Knight

Big man on campus! These four young men are already the big kids on campus.  The collective team, of a Photographer Torrey Purvey, Stylist Shana Wilson and Creative Director Courtney Knight, helped foster the confidence revealed during a recent “Young Man Swag,” photoshoot.  The “assignment” was to take a leap, display self-confidence, and to participate in a lifetime experience with other likeminded fashionable young men.  There was nothing ordinary about this swagger fashion photoshoot, and this year, the boy’s fashion, will help you Rock the School Year!

The selected models for this shoot, was Jaon House (11), Makisi Tulikihakau (11), Jeremiah Miles (12), and Ashton Davidson (8).

To view the images click here or on the photo.

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