How I Got The Shot #7

Feb 22nd, 2017

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How I Got The Shot #7

On the 7th installment of “How I Got The Shot,” we have a photo of Mary Sumo, to describe to the readers that you don’t need a bunch of equipment to make an awesome photo. Keep reading to see how one light and light diffuser can make something normal into something worthy to blog about.

This photo was taken at Marc’s Creative Space in Oklahoma City. It’s a very nice studio located at 8869 S. Western in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Things used in this photo:
Nikon D800
Lens: 80-200 f2.8
Alien Bees 800 watt strobe
30 inch umbrella with diffuser sock
White wall

In this photo we have Mary powerful pose for her new website. We aren’t really concerned with the pose in this photo other than how close she is to the light source and the wall. The light is just above Mary’s right shoulder. It’s somewhere between right ½ and ¾ power. It’s that high to make it through the diffuser on the umbrella and also to make enough bounce back light from the wall on her left. Behind her is a white wall the same has in the photo but with the umbrella feathered towards the front and her body absorbing the light it created. The light position and an aperture of F9 to darken the surroundings and absorb more light created a rapid fall off of light to make the background appear very dark to black depending on what kind of screen you’re using for viewing. Though there’s a shadow the white wall was used as a reflector to bounce light onto the left side of her face to fill in any shadows created about the light. If you are looking for more clarity on light placement look no further than the shadow on the wall and the catch lights in her eyes. They tell they entire story.

Camera settings were:
Shutter speed 1/200th of a second
F9 (For light control and detail)
ISO 250

Mary Sumo

This photo can be reproduced time and time again with the right tools. You should try it and let me know how it works for you.

This photo was created by:
Interesting looking subject
1 Light with diffusser
2 White walls
Thank you for reading. Feel free to ask specific questions if you want to know more about “How I Got The Shot.”

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