How I Got The Shot #6

Jan 31st, 2017

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How I Got The Shot #6

On the 6th installment of “How I Got The Shot,” we have a photo of Bree, to describe to the readers how a simple photo can be turned into a dramatic headshot with lighting and posing. This photo was taken at Studio XII in Oklahoma City. It’s a very nice studio located at 1208 N. Pennsylvania Ave Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107.

Things used in this photo:
Nikon D800
Lens: 80-200 f2.8
Einstein 640 watt strobe
27 inch Beauty Dish with diffuser sock
Wind Machine


In this photo we have Bree who has struck an alluring pose. Rather than focusing on her shoulders and body, notice the positioning of her head. Slightly turned to camera left, yet her eyes are looking at the camera. Notice the shadows on the right side of her face. This is called “Rembrandt Lighting”. You can tell by the triangle of light surrounded by shadow on her right cheek As you can probably guess, the strobe is on located camera right – set at a little less than half power to make it through the beauty plate and the diffuser sock for even lighting on the unobstructed areas. It is roughly two feet from her face, pointing downward at a 45 degree angle. The backdrop was white, but I had Bree stand 6 feet away from the backdrop to give some separation and to add a muted tone to the background of the photo. With the light being to camera right and Bree’s head turned to camera left, the placement of her nose and hair caused the Rembrandt shadows which adds a certain flare. You can get a better understanding of the angle of the flash from looking at the catchlights in her eyes. I didn’t want the depth of field too shallow in order to retain the detail through to her eyes. Bree’s hair was curly and full of life. We used a wind machine to blow the hair away from her face. The machine was blowing from the bottom of the frame. I caught this photo as the air was hitting her neck and face, moving the hair but hadn’t made it to her forehead.


Camera settings were:
Shutter speed 1/200th of a second
F9 (For Detail)
ISO 100


This photo can be reproduced time and time again with the right tools. You should try it and let me know how it works for you.

This photo was created by:
Interesting looking subject
White backdrop
Wind Machine

Thank you for reading. Feel free to ask specific questions if you want to know more about “How I Got The Shot.”

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