How I Got The Shot #5

May 22nd, 2016

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How I Got The Shot #5

On the 5th installment of “How I Got The Shot,” we have a photo of Ashley, to show readers that you don’t always need a large elaborate place to take and make great photography. This photo was taken at my dinner table, in the evening, around 6pm. Those are curtains behind Ashley and not an expensive backdrop.

Things used in this photo:
Nikon D800
Lens: 70-200 f2.8
Alien Bees Strobe 800 watt
Paul C Buff Softbox with double light modifiers
45 inch reflector
White table cloth

In this photo, although you can’t tell by the background, it was in the early evening and the sun was out. The blinds kept any ambient light from seeping in.  I had my Alien Bees strobe placed on camera right, about 4ft away from her face. It was  around half power because it was shooting through the softbox with 2 light scrims in front to make sure the light was very soft and even. I was able to produce a soft smooth light the makes her skin looks as if the light was painted on. If you look closely, you can see that she has a rectangle catch light in her eyes. Catchlights from the flash allow her to look alive. I always use flash, even outside, which makes the lipstick pop. I didn’t want too shallow of a depth of field because I wanted to retain the detail through to her eyes.

Camera settings were:
Shutter speed 1/125th of a second
F22 (For Detail)
ISO 320

By using the strobe on camera right, the reflector on camera left (right outside of the frame), and white table cloth I was able to get light from all sides. The light from the strobe on the right gives off the most light. You can tell on her forehead, left cheek, and in her lipstick. The reflector on camera left bounced light back onto her hand. Hence, the reason there’s no shadow caused by her head. The table cloth was further away, but close enough to fill some light onto her right cheek. Ashley has beautiful skin and her Filipino/Chinese decent  makes for expressive eyes and bone structure. This photo can be reproduced time and time again with the right tools. 

This photo was created by:
Interesting looking subject
and yes, a table cloth.


Thank you for reading. Feel free to ask specific questions if you want to know more about “How I Got The Shot.”

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