How I Got The Shot #2

Feb 10th, 2016

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How I Got The Shot #2

On the 2nd installment of “How I Got The Shot”, we have a photo of  the wonderful Ms. Presely Poe. This photo is an old one but I still get inquiries about it.  This was photographed at the abandoned building that used to be St Vincent’s Mental Asylum on 23rd street in Oklahoma City.

Things used on this photo:

Nikon D7000 (which has a 1.5x crop sensor)

Nikon sb600 speedlight

In this photo, you will see that Presley looks fabulous. There is a gradient light that goes from camera left to camera right.  This was done in what looks like in one of restrooms. The tile in the room made for great reflectors. I put my speedlight on a stand on the other side of the wall inside the room next to Presely. Instead of having the light facing Presley I had the light directed at the wall. That way the light would bounce on every single tile in that space to light the photo very nicely. Though that flash is a small one the output is enough to do most jobs. I did not have a light modifier on it which allowed it to spread light everywhere.

Camera settings were:

Shutter speed 1/100th of a second (to let all available light in without having the shakes)

F2.8 (for shallow depth of field)

ISO 3200 (Lack of available light made me boost my iso very high)

Though you can’t tell from the photo it was very dark and drab in there.


Presley Poe

By using only one light you will not notice any catch lights in her eyes. By not having a flash in the front you will notice it gives her eyes a darker more sinister look which adds to the photos allure. Presley is a master at hair, makeup, and posing. All of that and the wardrobe were all her idea. I happen to be the one to capture this gem of a photo.


This photo was created by:

Light source
Tile wall
Amazing talent
Proper environment
Good timing
And a killer pose.


Thank you for reading. Feel free to ask specific questions if you want to know more about “How I Got The Shot.”

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