How I Got The Shot #1

Feb 1st, 2016

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How I Got The Shot #1

I’ve had a few people, beginning photographers and non-photographers, ask me how I created a photo or what I did to make it happen. I’ve decided to write about it and let people know “How I Got The Shot”.
On the first installment of “How I Got The Shot”, is a photo of Miss Celois Moore, Miss Black Teen Oklahoma U.S. Ambassador. I was in studio at Marc’s Creative Space in Oklahoma City.
Things used on this photo:
Nikon D800
Alien Bees 800 watt
7 foot parabolic umbrella

If you look at the photo, you will see that Miss Celois has even light across her face. The way I achieved this was I placed Celois next to a white wall and the umbrella is just out of frame. There’s about 3 feet between the umbrella and the wall. The back edge of the umbrella is at her right shoulder, which leaves the front edge bounce off the white wall that I used as a reflector (additional light source). I dialed the strobe down to about ½ power.
Camera settings were:
Shutter speed 1/200th of a second
F11 to give a good details (zoom in to the eyelashes)
ISO 200

Celois Moore

Notice how the foreground is lit but the background is dark. By the light source being close to the subject, it allows for the light to fall off of the subject very quickly with no light spill. The light was contained to that specific area of focus. By having a round light source, you can see the catch lights in her eyes to make her look alive. Also by using flash, it brings out the color of her lipstick. I had her to turn her right shoulder towards me to give her a less aggressive look. By facing this way and the light being where it is, it caused contouring shadows on her cheeks.

This photo was created by:
Light source
White wall
Correct positioning for shadows
Catch lights
Rapid falling of the light
and a great smile.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to ask specific questions if you want to know more about “How I Got The Shot.”

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