Oklahoma Education Rally

Mar 31st, 2015

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Oklahoma Education Rally

On March 30th teachers from all over the state came to the Oklahoma state capitol to let the legislators know about whats going on in the schools. We heard from teachers, adminstrators, politicians, and best of all we heard it from the mouths of the students  talking about testing policies.

Kiante Miles, a senior at Mustang High School, had everyone on their feet and saying AMEN, Hallelujah , and applauding as if he was in the pulpit because he was speaking the truth. After you read his poem click here to find the photos.  pbp-5697

Here are his words.


Thirsty hungry driven broken

i am a student

hardworking passionate strong weak soft spoken

i am a student

chained down by tests that say

i’m not allowed to fly if i don’t click my mouse a certain way

i am a student

an unlit match just waiting to be struck

i am a student


and that’s something that simply can’t be measured

no limits flow like a cascade

in life i don’t see

why would i set at a computer screen

and just try and answer a b or c

in life i want

the questions that say how do you stop cancer

how can we stop from killing each others

Why do we clip the wings of the ones we love


I like to think that we are all seeds

planted into the soil of public education

until we get covered with the cement mixture of

EOI’s, unfunded classes, over stressed teachers

and how few of us

the ones who fight through the adversity

see the light from the cracks of the cement

and manage to have some type of growth

and what a glorious sight right a few trees growing through concrete

well looks can be deceiving because its not worth the cost of the hundreds no thousands that get left behind?


for there is strength in numbers

it’s easy to remove a tree

but it takes an army to take on a forest


For me it’s never been about the Ap classes

it’s been about how can i connect with the masses

with people

with my peers

my classmates

I want to know their story

or how does the teacher paint the blank canvas which are their classes


I love my teachers who cared

the ones who led me to believe that i could share

my dream

and their the reason I stand before you today

they taught me how to be a person instead of a human being

how see life through others eyes and maybe even my own

how to do Calculous and how the body works and yeah english too

but they made it more about test in life than they did test in school

and if you ask me that’s how it should be

that’s the quality of school i want my kids to have

to gain knowledge rather than just holding a paper saying i’ve made it


They are my teachers

that knows no matter how many extra hours they put in theyll never get overtime

but they do it anyways

They are my teachers

that  are in trusted to insure the greatness of our future

and if their pay were to reflect the importance of their job

well i hope you guys comfortable with the darkness

They are my teachers

that will leave no student behind

They are my teachers

that can truthfully say

that they don’t do this for punishable pay

but for being a miracle worker

They are my teachers

That have fed hungry students, washed their clothes, and given them hope

They are my teachers that have had to leave their passion

for a search of higher pay


In life i’ve learned things fade

but i hope there’s a day

where you can say that public education is one of the things that stay

Because it’s something more than just school

for it’s like a beach after the waves have hit there’s treasures left on the shore


I am a student

These are my teachers

will you please put us first?



Kiante Miles Class of 2015 Mustang High School


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