Fashion at the End of Pins and Needles

Mar 3rd, 2014

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Fashion at the End of Pins and Needles

The Pin Show 2014

Bright colors, cuffed pants, vintage shoes, polka-dotted tights, bow ties, chains, flowing dresses and fresh originality………The Pin Show of Dallas, Texas never disappoints. This was my second trip down to Dallas to see what the new emerging fashion designers of the Pin Show were all about, and it was definitely worth the ride.

Once inside the old Good Year Tire plant, I was transported to the exciting world of individuality and creativity that is fashion design. The lighting was set in hues of pinks and blues, giving the audience a dream-like atmosphere as they not only observed the looks created by the designers on the run-way but also enjoyed the “street styles” of one-another in attendance.

From the guests I saw the trending looks of high-hemmed pant legs with no socks on men, and the incorporation of vintage pieces of clothing or accessories on women. (I may experiment with the high cuff, but I’m not sure I can let go of my funky socks just yet.) While I found myself noting these commonalities, overall what stood out to me most, was the diversity of the room. Each person was displaying their unique style expression in a different way.

This diversity transferred onto the catwalk as well. The show presented an eclectic group of collections. For instance, one collection put a new spin on Old Antiquity, incorporating a sort of greek peplos dress as a staple of the line. Another designer jumped forward in time with a medieval twist by having her models walk in a bondage of chains.  Some of the designers made a more feminine statement by incorporating free flowing dresses, light fabrics, pink parasols, and polka dots. While the audience showed great appreciation for each collection, the men’s underwear line, understandably, received the greatest attention and overwhelming response.

The Pin Show not only displayed originality with its choice of designers, but also in its created atmosphere. This show made its mark by incorporating a live band and video tutorials of how the makeup and hair looks were created backstage. This is why I will continue to make the trip to Dallas each year. Great music, meeting new photographers and designers, inspiration for my own fashion choices, and a new perspective keeps me coming back for more.

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The Pin Show 2014

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