Bow Ties and Suspenders

Jan 22nd, 2014

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Bow Ties and Suspenders


If you know me at all, or if you’ve seen pictures of me on facebook, you know that I’m a fan of the bowtie style…a connoisseur of original looking bowties some might jokingly say. Indeed, bowties have become a consistent staple of my wardrobe. Whether I’m headed to work, church, or fashion event more often then not you’re likely to see me sporting a unique bowtie. In fact, some might say the bowtie has become so synonymous with Torrey Purvey that many of my friends like to tag me in pictures of bowtie looks of their own, simply because they know I’ll appreciate their style selection. Of course, I don’t want to gush too much about the look, but there is something about all that is contained in such a little piece of cloth. Examine it for a moment…that little piece of cloth which provides a combination of sophistication and flare that gives the wearer the ability to present a classic style in a contemporary way.

Now I’m not saying that everyone can pull off a bowtie look, but when I started this series with “women in suits” I knew that inevitably I would need to see what my models could do in my adored bowties. We all know that the bowtie is classically a male style, but these women pulled the look off with style! They had the femininity of their bodies, makeup and the added sparkle of jewelry designs by Rafiki Carter with Mochahontas NYC Haute Fashion Pieces. However, they playfully experimented with their masculine sides with suits and suspenders combined with the timeless look of bowties created by Ronald Jordan of Knotted Bow Ties. The dichotomy of feminine and masculine made for a delightfully fresh spin on an old favorite. With the striking backdrop of the Chi Gallery, these photos not only capture the excitement of the fashion but the chemistry of the models as well. These ladies clearly enjoyed the experience and sexiness of being masculine, at one point competing for the attention of another model in a shot.

My love of the bowtie  and the spirit of the moment made for an all-around unforgettable shoot. Yet again, each model rocked a man’s look….like a BOSS!

Huge shout out to Leia Smethurst and Walter Miller.

Click here for the entire series. >>> Bow ties & Suspenders

Bow ties & Suspenders

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