Pin Show 2013

Mar 1st, 2013

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Pin Show 2013

The Pin Show is a Fashion in Dallas…At least that’s what I thought it was upon looking at the info online. Once I got there I realized this was more than a fashion show. Yes it had fashion, flare, and fun but it had that “je ne sais quoi”. Something that I had only seen in fashion shows on television. I couldn’t put my finger on it. It had models. I mean models. It had a live band that was banging out beats with horns, guitars, trumpets, singing, even had a guy dancing with a tambourine but not in a gypsy sort of way. He made tambourine playing look suave yet energetic. I was assigned to one of the sponsors. His name was Louis. That dude was cool and his entire group were a fun group of people. I ran into the fashion guru Frank Christon there. This was something that was cool and funky. Nerdy yet hip. Dope and  futuristic. I told Frank when I saw him I said “Man I’m hooked.”

Oklahoma has fashion shows but Dallas has The Pin Show.

While there  I was in contact with some  great people. Because of those contacts I’ve already been looked at for the Austin, Texas Fashion Week and Little Rock, AR Fashion Week. Too bad I will miss the Kansas City Fashion week but it’s okay. Also, I have been chosen for the Oklahoma Fashion Week 2013. I’m excited about that as well.

You will see me around. Check back for more.

To see the photos click here.

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