Fall is Wild

Oct 24th, 2012

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Fall is Wild

This set of photos is a piece of an on going Facebook album called Many Faces of Michele. I wanted to use some creative lighting techiniques to get different looks. Michele is almost readily available to shoot. She’s a great subject. Though her schedule is very very busy she doesn’t mind taking time every few months to allow me to try something that may not work.

October 26th-28th there is a natural hair expo given by Oklahoma Naturals. They asked me to shoot the event and I’m obliged to do it for them. That was the inspiration for this set of photos. Oklahoma Naturals is a group of  of women who decided to get together for the sake of hair. “Resilient Soul is a business developed to strengthen and empower the values, health, and culture of women and their community in Oklahoma City and abroad.  Through innovative events, seminars, and educational services, Resilient Soul perseveres to enhance, enlighten. and encourage people to strive for change no matter the opposition.” You can find out more about them on their site


Many Faces of Michele” chronicles her journey of doing away the permed or processed hair. She’s getting off the white stuff dubbed as “The Creamy Crack”. It goes from her starting new with the “Big Chop”. She had shoulder length hair and decided to go as short as mine on a regular day. The first time I saw her I couldn’t believe my eyes. She did it without informing anyone but alas I love it and for one am glad she did it.

If you recall I did a natural hair shoot a while back shooting all black women with natural hair. You can find those photos in the album called Color Me Beautiful.  I think this started out as a fad but now has caught on like fire. It encourages them to have healthier hair, love themselves as the way they were born, and also as a snub to mainstream society that lets us believe that straight hair is “good hair”.

I will have a few of the photos available from the expo. But until then you can peruse Fall is Wild.

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