The Painted Dolls

Jun 15th, 2012

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The Painted Dolls


What can I say about this shoot?

This started about 2 years ago when I was perusing FACEBOOK and came across this woman who was very striking. She piqued my interest and come to find out her name was PRESLEY. I contacted her and her and she informed me that she wasn’t alone.

Could it really be others like her?

She wasn’t one of a kind?!?!?
A totally separate night while having a night cap at the Prohibition Room I saw this waitress who had major ink. I asked her about it and she told me her name was Lili Doll. She told me of this promotional group of women who looked and acted like her. To my surprise not only was it one or two but it was about 15 women in this group and they call themselves the PAINTED DOLLS. I contacted them and it took this long but they worked me into their schedule. I accepted the invitation to meet at dinner, also accepted the invite to lunch with them and discuss some things. I’ve had the opportunity to hangout out with them at an event they promoted at the PASEO UNDERGROUND.

I asked them who are the Painted Dolls. They answered:

Bad Asses
Love the community and love to give back
Different Colors
Same Interests
Love to have a good time
Love Music

“The dolls are a sisterhood unlike any other. We are all shapes and sizes, race, attitude, status. Just because we are all tattooed means nothing. We come from different backgrounds and upbringings. Our beliefs and desires are plentiful and unique. We are individual people who share a Passion unlike any other. Despite our similarities and differences we share one purpose; to educate the masses about tattooed women. We are mothers, wage earners, humanitarians, professionals, wives, mothers, leaders, musicians, poets, ………beautiful women. We may not fit the mold some consider models BUT WE ARE SPECIAL. We are real women with curves who have chosen to wear our minds on the outside of our skin with amazing art. We support and    promote our local scene; photographers, artists, fashionistas, tattoo artists, bands, and so many more. Most importantly, we take care of each other come what may. There is not a doll that would not come to another’s rescue. We are a rag tag family that has created a beautiful world as a group and who is eager to share that beauty with as many others as we can reach.”  Ava Kouture

But one thing they all said was we are family.

In the words of Vicki Perez “Vicious”  and Kaylin Yoshida “Yoshi”

SOMOS UNA FAMILIA  = We are family

Shout out to MARC FLEMON for being the videographer on set.


I hope you enjoy.

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