2011 at a glance.

Jan 1st, 2012

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2011 at a glance.

The year has come and gone. The funny thing is I remember more of 2010 than I do of 2011. I didn’t even try to keep up with the number of photos I’ve taken or home many people I’ve come in contact with because of my photograpghy but I have come across some really wonderful people all of them willing to hep me keep going. I’m going to keep this positive and not talk about the negative. I would hate to miss some people by naming all of them but I have to at least try. If you have helped me this year and I miss you please forgive me. Let me know and I will change this blog as I get more names. These aren’t in any particular order:

Apple Nicole Angel
Tesh Taylor
Richard Rowe
Shawn Saffold
Rudolph Tolar
LeWaine Heath (Web Designer)

and many many more!


I’ve added some of my personal favorite shots from this year in my Through My Lens tab. It’s only about 20 photos but that’s a tip of the other photos that I love. In the year to come I hope to become a better photographer. I hope to branch out and begin to do more than portraits. I will continue to do my projects once the spring comes with different ideas. ((While I’m thinking about it I want to thank all of the people that participated in my personal projects. That goes to the photographers, the Make Up Artists, and the subjects that chose to help me.))

I hoped to get some winter photos done but the weather hasn’t helped. I’m not complaining….

I hope you enjoy this year in photos. Use the link or click the photo.

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