Field of Dreams

Jul 28th, 2011

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Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams is a MUA Vision!

What is an M.U.A.?  M U A stands for “Make Up Artist”.

An MUA is just that-an Artist, just using different mediums to envision. They are an artist that expresses themselves through makeup.  They’re no different from the musician, singer, or painter.  The singer’s instrument is their voice of art, while the MUA’s instrument is a brush.  A painter paints on a canvas, yet an MUA’s canvas is an eye, cheek, neck, shoulder, eyebrows, or anywhere that strikes them.  A musician expresses themselves by bending a crazy note that makes the crowd swoon.  An MUA expresses themselves with a splash of red and a dash of green that is captivating.

Most photo shoots center around what the model is wearing or an event. The MUA is usually limited by the photographers imagination or to the subjects needs.  But, recently, Torrey undertook a different type of session.  This shoot was centered around the MUA, what they feel and what they envision.

Think grand.
Think couture.
Think over the top.


Contributing Make Up Artists on this project:

DeAndrea Daniels 

Rebecca Marshall

Jessica Johnson

Stefanie Davila
SD Forever Cosmetics

Pictures from this session can be found in my Collaborative Works!

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