Color Me Beautiful

Jun 27th, 2011

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Color Me Beautiful

It is often quoted: Beauty if in the eye of the beholder.

Color Me Beautiful - DSC_7814z

I was recently honored to be a part of a wonderful collaborative effort with Shawn Saffold of DWS Photograpghy, Lyn of LDI Photograpghy, and J Wiggins of Concepts productions.

This is my tribute to women of different shapes, sizes, and colors with natural hair.
No perms, no relaxers, no conks, no lye. Kinky, braided, dreaded, curly, wavy. In this society of having “good hair” you women have decided to have anti-good hair.

This was shot in two locations, Shirals Ultimate Looks in Del City, Oklahoma (Thanks Shiral) and at Lake Hefner at sunset.  I wanted to get silhouettes of the lady’s hair as the sunset.  The earth moves very fast so we were limited in the time we had.

Please feel free to view the pictures of these amazingly, naturally beautiful women in the gallery of Collaborative Works!


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